Thinking about commissioning a new piece from New Hope Music?

Not sure where to start? Concerned about costs? We’ve laid out a series of questions and answers to help guide you through our process.

Who can commission a new piece of music?

Basically any entity with the means to afford the commission fee can commission a new piece of music. It can be either an individual or an organization, such as a church or college.

While New Hope Music embraces a theology that is conservative, reformed, and evangelical, it does not expect or require the commissioning party to necessarily fall into these categories.  However, NHM cannot participate in projects that are incompatible with its theological vision.

What kind of musical products can I commission?

Commissioning parties have the opportunity to choose between several product options. Churches may be interested in commissioning a standard four-part hymn for congregational use. Church musicians and ensembles may pursue a more elaborate hymn arrangement, based on either an original or an existing tune. Alternatively, choirs may wish to commission a setting of a biblical passage or of an extra-Scriptural text such as a poem or creed, resulting in an anthem or choral art song. Standard instrumentation (SATB + piano) can be expanded to include greater choral divisi, solo voices or instruments, handbell choir, organ, or orchestra, depending on the resources available to the patron.

Who gets to pick the text to be set?

Prior to signing a contract, New Hope Music will work with the commissioning party to agree on a text to set, while simultaneously determining instrumentation and negotiating cost. NHM will by default defer to the commissioning party’s wishes when it comes to text selection. However, since all commissioned projects will appear in NHM’s portfolio, will be marketed through its website, and will ultimately contribute to NHM’s image and reputation, it is important that all texts exhibit, at minimum, both doctrinal orthodoxy and poetic competence.

How much does a new piece of music cost?

Commission fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the piece’s desired length, scope, complexity, instrumentation, completion deadline, and the composer’s schedule.

How do I get started?

Whether you’re sure you want to commission a piece from New Hope Music or you’re just brainstorming and want a few more questions answered, please contact Josh at joshbauder@gmail.com.